Thursday, February 10, 2011

On the Death of a New Friend

We started this blog page at about the same time we were creating our website.  Blogging was a way to communicate to the world ones thoughts and aspirations.  It was also a vehicle to advertise and promote the sale of Patricia and Lou's dream house.  They were trying to sell this when the recession hit and seemed stuck with a lovely house that didn't sell. 

We met Patricia and Lou at the Maori Business Facilitation Service network do last year.  We were talking about a joint venture with Lou just before Patricia was taken ill and now a month on she has died.  Cancer is a funny disease - it can linger or it can spread so rapidly that one day she was here and next she is gone.

Rest in peace Patricia - we know that you would want us to remember you as the colourful person you were and get up and get on - not sit and grieve.

Where are We At - AND Where to From Here?

It has been a strange journey moving from Wellington to Whangarei.  Nothing in our lives seems to go in a straight line.  Maybe we had foolish expectations that we would fall into new things and our lives would carry on more or less un-interrupted.  Maybe foolishly I believed that some of the connections I had would help open doors into things I had been working on - like whanau ora and the like.  They had certainly encouraged me to adopt a critical stance on these matters and to promote such a view politically.  BUT once some of this had been recognised as policy in whanau ora the mood changed. 

Heresy is not profitable.

I suppose also I was changing or being forced to change - social work was taking more out of my soul than what was be put back.  Maybe I have seen and heard too much - meeting an old client who I was social worker for when a state ward - who is an ex of one of Jeanette's family just makes it all too much.  I think my 30th anniversary in 2009 was the turning point and maybe I should have got out then.  I just could no longer feel safe work for a profession who very existance is dependant upon the circumstances they claim to abhor.  That they all so subtly keep maintaining.  So wrong and so unproductive.

But this is a heresy that no one wants to hear - especially when youve got $160 million to play with.

So being forced to change direction at 59 years of age with two children in a new town is a challenging proposition.  Especially with a creative mind and a critical eye.

The death of my father has played a big part in this.  I love him dearly and I can see so much of him in me.  I think the fact that I have crossed over the cultural line is in part due to him.  He understood in his heart the notion of whanau.  As a romantic notion but it was never something he could practice or engage in the practice of.  Maybe because my mother was ignorant or racist he never took any further in practice.  Like when thay came to Jeanette's mums tangi - they came to back door - my mother with her batch of muffins - and my father never having the gumption to come through the front door to pay hs respects.   And I can see her reaction when she wasn't fawned over. 

His funeral was the last straw and for the first time in my life I stood up to my mother.  Now for my sins they have disowned me.  I still talk to my sister Kate in Australia so that is good but she is also a black sheep for selling heirlooms.  Kate has seen life and knows pain and knows people.  I am sorry but my mother and my sister are nasty and culturally ignorant BUT they are still my family.

So my father death was something of a release - in some ways it has set me free.  I can face my weaknesses which I inherited from my father. 

So to my father rest in peace Guthrie - know that you are now free and to be who you want to be.

To Patricia - thank you for the such short time we knew you - but you joy of life is an inspiration I will never forget.

To all those who might read this blog - I now know how to post so expect more.

Why horticulture, why plums and why pigs. 



Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Positive Coordination - As A Concept

Since my first post I have searched out the concept of positive coordination.  In my search I have downloaded and kept 24 articles for review.

What I find that positive coordination appears in the discussion of distributed computing networks, food economics, policy implementation, market and finacial policy regulation, new trade theory among other things.  This demonstrates that Jeanette's experience as the New Zealand market coordinator for summerfruit is also supported by the academic literature.  In this experience the more usual tools of managment - command and control were demonstrably ineffective in a free unregulated market.  Here each of the market players were compeditors with no reason to be compelled to make their market more efficient. 

It was here through the practice of positive coordination that these market players entered into the same room and agreed standards and performance through their own volition which lead to an improved delivery of their products to the market.  They identified their own problems, their own notions of quality and interpersonal behaviours.  The only ultimate outcome however was their on profitability in the market.

No external regulation was required in order to bring the players together nor to compell them to maintain standards.  Profit, standing in the market and market share were the only drivers along with the drive of positive coordination from a cheerleader - a communicator who kept the "team" moving forward.

No need for regulation, registration or even special qualification - just a common bond of an common outcome.

Why can we not achieve the same results in the "social services" market?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Special Favour - If You Like Tell Us First

If you like this house contact Jeanette at and she will arrange all the details for you.

Whangarei Northland New Zealand (NZ) Luxury Coastal House for Sale
IL PALAZZO BIANCO – A luxury coastal house with water views and own boat mooring
New Zealand (NZ) House Location:
Lot 7 DP 310794 21 Tattley Place McLeod Bay R.D.4 Whangarei Northland New Zealand 0174
New Zealand (NZ) House Description:
Il Palazzo Bianco with it’s amazing water and mountain views is truly a magnificent property for the discerning individual who demands only the best. (An Entertainers Dream)
Luxuriate in the distinctive Mediterranean grace and style of this Architect designed retreat where arched windows frame the sun dazzled views of McLeod Bay. WHERE YOU CAN SIGHT YOUR YACHT ON YOUR OWN REGISTERED MOORING
There are covered decks and spacious outdoor alfresco and indoor entertaining areas.
A gourmet kitchen utilizes top-of-the line integrated appliances, large granite bench tops and wine storage. There is also provision for a wine cellar on the lower level.
The residence enjoys four bedrooms, three of which are double have their own private ensuite bathroom and toilet. All with grand views over the beautiful harbour. The  fourth bedroom, a single is currently used as an office but there is further office & storage space with a toilet and hand basin in the double garage.
McLeod Bay, Whangarei Heads is a beautiful 30 minute coastal drive to Whangarei City, 20 minutes to the Golf Club & the Airport. A 30 minute scenic flight to Auckland (New Zealand‘s largest city)
You will have fishing, wind surfing ,water skiing, kayaking and boating right in front of the Villa.
The Ocean and Surf Beach is just 12 minutes away, a marine reserve 10 minutes.
The Poor Knights Islands, a world class Scuba Diving destination is a days trip by boat from McLeod Bay.
The property is located within walking distance to the Deck, a cafe’ much enjoyed by the locals and to coastal walks and hikes up Mt Manaia and Mt Aubrey where North Island Brown kiwi flourish.
Overseas Buyers can be confident when they purchase Il Palazzo Bianco as there is no Government restriction re the sale.
New Zealand has no capital gains tax.
Overseas purchaser’s as non residence can reside any 9 months out of every 18 months, However a property can be shared or rented to other members of the family or friends to have full utilization.
To become a NZ resident it is necessary to invest $1,500.00nz in the bank here or some other form of investment with a return , other than your residential property. I will forward a link re this for more detail if you have enquiries.
I will negotiate selling fully furnished to make it an attractive purchase for an overseas buyer.
Great for a syndicate of people wishing to spend the lovely New Zealand summers here and enjoy our long twighlight evenings. Of course a fabulous permanent home. Truly paradise on earth.
The location is suited for a fabulous life style. No security guards or big dogs necessary here, We do have a burglar alarm though but never a problem.
Il Palazzo Bianco Property Features
Builders own home
Amazing water views that cannot be built out.(covenant in place)
Purposely built for home stay with TV aerials and fridge points
One bedroom has a small kitchenette and private entrance.
One has a separate linen cupboard
Two rooms both with ceiling fans
There is a separate full size water heater for the down stairs area
Three double rooms all have their own ensuite bathrooms
One single room (or office but plenty office space in garage area)
Hand made feature Spanish style doors
Kitchen has integrated appliances, built in ironing board
Granite bench tops and double oven
Conventional and pull out pantry
Excellent free standing wood burner
Kitchen, dining room, lounge, bedroom and 3 ensuites have permanent fitted wall mirrors
Internal speakers for music on the deck
Provision for wine cellar with power points
Dual hand basins and showers in the master bedroom
Italian bathroom fittings
Approximately 75% permanent flooring (Italian tiles)
Serengeti carpeting and commercial grade rubber
Custom made venetian blinds, (including the garage.)
Two heated towel rails
Two covered out door alfresco entertaining terraces with sky lights
Down lights through out with dimmers on almost every room including the deck
Tinted windows for sun protection
Double garage with toilet and hand basin, extra storage or office room, has fittings for washing machine if needed for home stay clients. (This could also be used as a spare bunk room)
Garage has two built in desks, and phone jacks, ideal for teenage study
Three full sized storage cupboards for tools in the garage
Out door security lights
Security alarm
The master bedroom is wired to accommodate a remote controlled awning.
Piped out for air-conditioning (would need heat pump)
Concrete and fibreglass Salt water pool, bubble cover, steel fenced with self locking gates, fountain and rainbow under water lighting
Out door water feature
Out door garden lighting
Painted in top quality “Resene Paint”
Fruit trees; oranges, lemon, mandarin, fig, feijoa and Olives
A registered boat mooring
Town water and sewerage supply
This house is well constructed: Engineer designed with 50 300mm+3000m concrete steel re enforced piles under the foundations.
The ground floor is steel re-enforced concrete filled blocks with a plaster finish.
The first floor is of timber and steel. Unlike 95% of residential homes built, structural steel portal frames have been fitted to take calculated weights and stresses (generally used only on commercial projects)
The exterior walls are of stucco plaster, a proven plaster system used over a hundred years ago with stainless steel prefabricated mesh reinforcing
We called for specially made radius exterior window flashings, roof and parapet structure flashings for guarantee of overall waterproofing.
Extra height of 2.7m and 3.0m stud heights create a tremendous amount of interior space including downstairs living and the garage.
The pool is constructed of concrete, steel reinforcing, concrete block, fibreglass and special pool tiles.
The balustrades, fencing and self closing safety gates are of design quality and made from galvanised steel with a black enamel finish.

New Zealand (NZ) House Price:

$1,575,000 NZD

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Positive Coordination

In the last 20 years or so we have become over managed.  The naive belief is that management can solve all our problems - if only.  There must be a better way than be perpetually locked into the linear logic of management.

The alternative is in the notion of coordination - as an antidote to management and managers.  This blog has been created to explore coordination especially positive coordination as an alternative to the stifling of creativity that characterises management.

Give time the blog will discuss the idea of coordination posting other articles, web links and develop arguments and discussion about how we can overcome the problems modern scietific managment claims it can solve.

The blog has been created by Kim Murphy-Stewart a social work with some 30 plus years experience.

So welcome and happy blogging.