Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Positive Coordination - As A Concept

Since my first post I have searched out the concept of positive coordination.  In my search I have downloaded and kept 24 articles for review.

What I find that positive coordination appears in the discussion of distributed computing networks, food economics, policy implementation, market and finacial policy regulation, new trade theory among other things.  This demonstrates that Jeanette's experience as the New Zealand market coordinator for summerfruit is also supported by the academic literature.  In this experience the more usual tools of managment - command and control were demonstrably ineffective in a free unregulated market.  Here each of the market players were compeditors with no reason to be compelled to make their market more efficient. 

It was here through the practice of positive coordination that these market players entered into the same room and agreed standards and performance through their own volition which lead to an improved delivery of their products to the market.  They identified their own problems, their own notions of quality and interpersonal behaviours.  The only ultimate outcome however was their on profitability in the market.

No external regulation was required in order to bring the players together nor to compell them to maintain standards.  Profit, standing in the market and market share were the only drivers along with the drive of positive coordination from a cheerleader - a communicator who kept the "team" moving forward.

No need for regulation, registration or even special qualification - just a common bond of an common outcome.

Why can we not achieve the same results in the "social services" market?

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